We specialize in the fabrication of aspheric optical components. Offering high precision products with competitive price, for both research and industrial volume production. Precision Asphere Inc is your reliable source of custom aspheres.



(for details, click HERE to download one of our published papers)


  • Types:

Lenses & Mirrors, OAPs (Stand-Alone or separated from Parent), Off-Axis General Aspheres, A-cylinders, negative Axicons, Free-Form-Optics, ....


  • Sizes:

10 mm to over 800 mm


  • Materials: 

All glass types, Fused Silica, Zerodur, ULE, Single-Crystal Silicon, SiC, ...


  • Fast Optics:

f/1 and faster


  • Asphericity:

Up to several mm of aspheric departure from best-fit-sphere


  • Surface Figure:

<1/30 waves Peak-to-Valley @633nm


  • Smooth Surface:

Low slope error (<1uRad) and low mid-spatial (<0.5nm RMS)


  • Roughness: 

<0.3nm RMS


  • Surface Quality:


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