The Asphere Benefit

It is widely known that there are many substantial advantages to use aspheres in any optical system. Aspheres reduce the number of optical surfaces while achieving more highly corrected imaging performance. Optical designers are aware that aspheric surfaces eliminate aberrations and distortions in more compact lower mass optical systems.

Aspheres are widely used in IR optical systems due to the advances in Diamond- Turning technology which makes it possible to routinely cut precision aspheric surfaces in IR materials.

However, for visible optics, designers continue to be reluctant to take advantage of the inherent benefits of aspheres in imaging systems. The many challenges that optics manufacturers have had to overcome while polishing glass aspheric surfaces have left designers with little confidence that precision glass aspheres can be production volume, within specification, within budget and on time.

Over the past decade our maturing understanding of technology and process has lead to the emergence of  “new tools” which make it possible for us to routinely produce a wide variety of complex glass aspheres. At Precision Asphere, Inc. we pride ourselves in the ability to produce affordable high precision glass aspheres that give our customers a competitive advantage.

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